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urban XLCUSIVE --icontest

urban icontest ` <3

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welcome. this community is here to provide you with fun urban icontest. we are recently going through a revamp to the community, starting nice & fresh. please make sure to join && enter our contest.

O1: all contest will start on monday && end on friday. voting will be saturday && sunday.
O2:respect all maker & members. disrespect is not allowed , if you break this rule you are banned. no questions.
O3:members do not have posting access. all entries will be submitted by commenting on the challenge entry. all comments will be screened. remember to provide the image && the url.
O4:all entries must fit Lj userpic requirements ; 40KB & 100x100.
O5:animation is only allowed ; if stated in rules for the specific contest.
O6:only sumbit your work, no editing bases & no asking someone else to make your icon.
O7:as of right now ; you are allowed to submit two icons.
O8:you must be a member to enter. all entries are friends only.
O9:do not post your icons anywhere until this challenge is over.
10:have fun with your icon && try new things. be creative!

your gorgeous mods.
christina dopelove -
ashley falliinq -
izzo/jenn italianjen -
christie obsessivedrmer -

past contest.
O91905 ; the princess ciara `
O92705 ; exotic amerie `
100405 ; lil wayne `
102405 ; shakira `
110205 ; beyonce ` going on now

_diiamonds missizzodesigns urban_devotion celeb_ic heiressgraphics urban_qraphicsz __diva_graphics streetqueen over__indulged lushedicons fauna _breathemusic divinelayouts sup_icons flaire_icons throwingchairs tillyness
we are in need of affliates ; to be one ` apply in the public post.

link us.
join urban_xclusive